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E-ISSN : 2148-9696
Crescent Journal of
Medical and Biological Sciences
Apr 2019, Vol 6, Issue 2
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Original Article
The Incidence of Smoking Among Male and Female Medical Students at Taif University: Analysing the Possible Influences
Amani A Al-Rehaili,Rana G Zaini,Ghadi A Ali

(CJMB 2019; 6: 140-145)

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Medicinal and Nutritional Properties of Ziziphus jujuba Mill. in Traditional Persian Medicine and Modern Phytotherapy
Ali Ghobadi,Farshad Amini-Behbahani,Azizollah Yousefi,Maryam Taghavi Shirazi,Nasim Behnoud

(CJMB 2019; 6: 146-150)

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The Effect of Reflexology on Fatigue in Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Mahin Hesami,Marya Kalhor,Daem Roshani,Mohammad Fathi

(CJMB 2019; 6: 151-157)

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Effect of Fish and Flaxseed Oil Supplementation on Isoprenaline-Induced Myocardial Infarction in Rats: Inhibition of Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Opening
Seyd Hosein Abtahi Ivary,Najme Jajarmy,Mehedi Karimi Shahri,Majid Shokoohi,Hamed Shoorei,Abbas Ebadi,Maryam Moghimian,Faraz Sigaroodi

(CJMB 2019; 6: 158-163)

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Investigation of Rate of Domestic Violence against Women Presenting to Legal Medicine Centers and its Coping Methods: A Descriptive Study
Zahra Arab Khangholi,Jamileh Mohtashami,Saeedeh Hosseini,Seyyed Mehdi Saberi

(CJMB 2019; 6: 164-169)

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Genotyping, Pandrug Resistance, Extensively Drug-Resistant, and Multi Drug-Resistance Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated From Patients in the West of Iran
Samaneh Rouhi,Rashid Ramazanzadeh,Bijan Nouri

(CJMB 2019; 6: 170-177)

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Effects of Dust Pollution in Asaluyeh on Atomic Absorption of Heavy Metals and Histopathologic Changes in Spleen and Bone Marrow of Male Rats
Vahid Keshavarz,Saeed Rezaee Zarchi,Afshar Bargahi,Hossein Khorramde,Mohammad Ali Zare,Zeinab Mahdian,Arman Hashemi,Mohammad Hashemi,Parviz Farzadinia

(CJMB 2019; 6: 178-182)

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Health-Related Procrastination in Nurses: Prevalence and Related Factors
Mahdi Basiri Moghadam,Forough Rafii,Abbas Ebadi

(CJMB 2019; 6: 183-190)

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Is Professional Self-concept Associated With Stress Among Nursing Students in Clinical Setting: A Descriptive Correlational Research
Azizeh Barry,Kobra Parvan,Faranak Jabbarzadeh Tabrizi,Parvin Sarbakhsh,Bagher Safa

(CJMB 2019; 6: 191-195)

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Personal and Social Predictors of Sexual Function of Women With Type Two Diabetes in Sanandaj
Mahin Kamalifard,Niloufar Sattarzadeh,Jalil Babapour,Soraya Gholami

(CJMB 2019; 6: 196-200)

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Relationship of Epicardial and Subcutaneous Fatty Acids With Serum Lipids and Vascular Cramps in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
Hamideh Najjarpour-Jabbari,Mohammad Nouri,Masoud Pezeshkian,Masoud Darabi,Razieh Parizad

(CJMB 2019; 6: 201-208)

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Evaluation of BAX and BCL-2 Gene Expression Levels and Apoptosis in Resveratrol Affected Human Leukemic Cell Line: CCRF-CEM
Shiva Pour Vahdani,Taghi Khanzadeh,Fattaneh Karimi,Aylin Jahanban Esfahlan,Somayeh Ghavipanjeh,Amin Ghasemi,Milad Zadi Heydarabad,Hakim Azizi,Akbar Darbin,Arash Khorrami,Ako Azimi

(CJMB 2019; 6: 209-213)

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Combined Preconditioning With Cinnamon Extract and Aerobic Training Reduce Oxidative Stress in a Rat Model of Myocardial Reperfusion Injury
Aniseh Javadi,Reza Badalzadeh,Narges Zolfagharzadeh,Sara Adeli Shahir

(CJMB 2019; 6: 214-220)

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Comparing the Intraoperative Frozen Section With Permanent Pathology in Assessing the Depth of Myometrial Invasion, Tumor Size, and Histological Subtype and Grade in Endometrial Cancer
Mehri Jafari Shobeiri,Noushin Mobaraki Asl,Ali Dastranj Tabrizi,Heidar Ali Esmaeeli,Manizheh Sayyah-Melli,Parvin Mostafa-Gharabaghi,Elaheh Ouladsahebmadarek,Maryam Vaezi

(CJMB 2019; 6: 221-225)

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Investigating the Relationship Between Hardness of Drinking-Water and Severity of Coronary Artery Disease Based on Angiographic Findings in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
Babak Nasiri,Naser Khezerloy Aghdam,Ahmad Separham,Ramin Salmasi,Nilgoon Daviran,Raziyeh Parizad,Mohammadreza Taban Sadeghi

(CJMB 2019; 6: 226-230)

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Effect of Dry Needling on miR-939 and miR-25 Serum Levels in Myofascial Pain Syndrome With Shoulder Girdle Myofascial Trigger Points
Mehrdad Naghikhani,Hamid Tayefi Nasrabadi,Jafar Soleimanirad,Mohammad Taghi Joghataei,Amir Massoud Arablu

(CJMB 2019; 6: 231-236)

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Short Communication
A Theory Map of the Causes of Perinatal Death in a Developing Country
Jamileh Mahdizadeh,Hamid Bouraghi,Sohaila Sadat Ghazavi Shariat Panahi,Ali Mohammadpour,Afsane Khoie Shargh,Mansore Rajabi Mojarad,Mehdi Kahouei

(CJMB 2019; 6: 237-241)

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Case Report
Prolonged Cough and Exercise Dyspnea: Teratoma in Lungs
Majid Montazer,Haleh Farzin,Maryam Hoseini,Tala Hoseini

(CJMB 2019; 6: 242-245)

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