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E-ISSN : 2148-9696
Crescent Journal of
Medical and Biological Sciences
Apr 2018, Vol 5, Issue 2
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Women's Health and Status in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: A Review
Nazar P. Shabila,Tariq S. Al-Hadithi

(CJMB 2018; 5: 070-075)

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Original Article
In Vitro Assessment of the Antineoplastic Activity of Doxorubicin Combined With Gemcitabine in a Nanoparticle
Mayson H. Alkhatib,Abrar M. Mizjaji,Abdulwahab Noor Wali

(CJMB 2018; 5: 076-082)

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Combined Neuroprotective Action of JWH-015 and AM251 in the CA1 Hippocampal Area of Rat Model of Transient Global Cerebral Ischemia
Maryam Shiasi,Farid Abolhassani,Keywan Mortezaee,Zahra Nadia Sharifi,Marzieh Derakhshan-Horeh,Azim Hedayatpour

(CJMB 2018; 5: 083-090)

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Role of History Taking in Differential Diagnosis of Small Airway Disease: A Pilot Study on 32 Cases
Ali Amiri,Seyyed Amir Yasin Ahmadi,Afshin Hasanvand

(CJMB 2018; 5: 091-094)

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Development and Psychometrics of Perceived Experiences of Natural Vaginal Childbirth in Iranian Primiparous Women Questionnaire
Katayon Vakilian,Mahboobeh Khorsandi,Hadi Jafarimanesh,Mehdi Ranjbaran

(CJMB 2018; 5: 095-100)

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Estimating the Risk for Chromosomal Abnormalities and Heteromorphic Variants in Azoospermic and Severe Oligozoospermic Men
Zakiye Nadeali,Peyman Salehi,Marzieh Derakhshan-Horeh,Erfan Sadeghi,Amin Izaditabar,Mansoor Salehi,Mahdi Zamani,Majid Hosseinzadeh

(CJMB 2018; 5: 101-106)

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The Association of Energy Intake and Expenditure, Macronutrients, Glycemic Index and Load, and General Characteristics With Postprandial Peptide YY 3-36 Serum Levels
Maryam Rahemi,Mohmmad Alizadeh

(CJMB 2018; 5: 107-114)

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The Study of Vitamin D Status in Population Referred to Clinical Laboratories in Ilam, West of Iran
Masoumeh Shohani,Akram Mansouri,Milad Azami,Ali Soleymani,Gholamreza Badfar

(CJMB 2018; 5: 115-118)

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Effects of Echinacea purpurea Extract on Sperm Characteristics and Hematology Following Testicular Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Rat
Sadegh Motamedi,Ahmad Asghari,Alireza Jahandideh,Gholamreza Abedi,Pejman Mortazavi

(CJMB 2018; 5: 119-122)

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The Correlation Between Umbilical Cord Blood Gases and Newborn Asphyxia
Robabeh Taheripanah,Marzieh Zamaniyan,Maryam Ghafori,Anahita Taheripanah,Narges Malih

(CJMB 2018; 5: 123-127)

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Evaluation of Diagnostic Threshold of Amylase and Lipase Enzymes in Diagnosis of Acute Pancreatitis and Their Sensitivity and Specifcity
Younes Azari Amghani, Babak Abri Aghdam

(CJMB 2018; 5: 128–132)

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The Anticancer Effect of Arctium lappa and Glycyrrhiza glabra on HT-29 Colon Cancer and MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cell Lines
Shiva Alizadeh Nazmi,Alireza Nourazarian,Reza Bahhaj,Fatemeh Khakikhatibi

(CJMB 2018; 5: 133-137)

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Protective Effect of Ghrelin on Oxidative Stress and Tissue Damages of Mice Testes Followed by Chemotherapy With Cyclophosphamide
Ramin Salimnejad,Jafar Soleimani Rad,Daryoush Mohammad Nejad

(CJMB 2018; 5: 138-143)

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The Relationship Between Social Support and Self-care in Patients With Heart Failure: The Role of Illness Related Worries as a Mediator
Nastaran Mansouriyeh,Hamid Poursharifi,Mohammad Reza Taban Sadeghi,Mohammad Reza Seirafi

(CJMB 2018; 5: 144-148)

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Detection of Functional Limitation in Diabetic Patients Based on the Optimal Combination of Care Indicators Using Ramp AUC and Comparing its Performance With the Existing Methods
Parvin Sarbakhsh,Leili Faraji Gavgani,Mohamad Asghari Jafarabadi,Seyed Morteza Shamshirgaran

(CJMB 2018; 5: 149-154)

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Comparison of Mechanical and Physical Properties of White and Gray Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Useable in Dentistry
Mahdis Nesabi,Behzad Yasrebi

(CJMB 2018; 5: 155–159)

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Case Report
Necrolytic Migratory Erythema Associated With Glucagonoma Syndrome
Sara Saniee,Yalda Saniee,Armaghan G Zare,Ghazaleh Davarnia

(CJMB 2018; 5: 160-162)

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Main Pulmonary Artery Aneurysm and Fish Mouth Pulmonary Valve: A Case Report
Sakine Hadi,Mehrnoush Toufan,Poune Pashapour

(CJMB 2018; 5: 163-165)

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Letters to Editor
Immune Responses and Pathogenesis of Crimean–Congo Hemorrhagic Fever: An Overview
Mostafa Javanian,Jila Masrour Roudsari,Soheil Ebrahimpour

(CJMB 2018; 5: 166-167)

Full Text(PDF)
Helicobacter pylori and CagA Infection of Pregnancy Women and Hyperemesis Gravidarum
Rozita Hosseinzadeh Fasaghandis,Fatemeh Abbasalizadeh,Asghar Rajabzadeh

(CJMB 2018; 5: 168-169)

Full Text(PDF)
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