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E-ISSN : 2148-9696
Crescent Journal of
Medical and Biological Sciences
Apr 2017, Vol 4, Issue 2
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Peer Review Process
The Peer-Review System, Policy and Confidentiality
An essential part of any publication process is the peer-review process. In this process the reviewers not only give their scientific view on an article, but also recommend points for improving the quality of the article. In this way the submitted articles are refined to such an extent that are published as a logical and scientifically approved article in a journal. As a general view; it is the responsibility of the journals to offer an effective peer-review system. The aims of the CJMB for peer-reviewing are of high standard and quality. Peer-review process selects papers of significant scientific interest. our journal expects referees to not only confirm the novelty of a manuscript but also to identify the bad features and mistakes. In addition, reviewers are encouraged to suggest points for improving the submitted article.Detection of fraud and plagiarism is of utmost significance to the editors of CJMB. However, the editors do not expect reviewers to identify carefully hidden ideas and intentions of deceptions in a submitted manuscript. Whenever needed the submitted manuscripts are written once again. Through a team work the submitted manuscript is not only evaluated scientifically, its grammar, language and literature are also assessed. The goal of the CJMB is to publish a well written, scientifically approved manuscript which is of value for the scientific community and society.
As a peer-review policy, all reviewers are requested to keep the submitted manuscripts and any associated data confidential. However if a reviewer seeks advice while assessing a manuscript, he/she must ensure that confidentiality is maintained and that the names of any such colleagues must be provided to the journal as soon as possible. CJMB makes its utmost effort to keep the content of all submitted manuscripts confidential until they are published. Although the aim of the journal is to maintain referees’ confidentiality in regard to the submitted article, it is not responsible for the conduct of reviewers.Peer review is defined as obtaining advise on individual manuscripts from reviewers experts in the field who are not part of the CJMB editorial staff.
CJMB accepts manuscripts report novel findings, which could result in impacts on in all fields of medical and biological science based on its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions. Hence, it offers an exceptionally fast publication schedule including prompt peer-review by the experts in the field and immediate publication upon acceptance. Quality and topic of submitted manuscript beside the priority of research field are the least considered criteria in each manuscript before entering in formal review process. Any type of submissions containing scientific information necessitates review process to ensure content quality.
Editorial Review and Publication
1- CJMB’s authors will be sent notifications/Code of the manuscript’s receipt and editorial decisions by email. During the peer-reviewing process, authors can check the status of their manuscript via the Online Manuscript Submission System.
2- All submissions to the CJMB go through a double-blind peer-review process to ensure content quality. At the first stage, a technical editor checks format and style of manuscript to assure its compatibility with the CJMB guide for authors. If authors have not considered the guides, the manuscript will be sent back to authors for compatibility.
3- The manuscript will be then assigned to section editors and bio-statistician editors based on the subject area and editor-in-chief decision, for a fast pre-review screening within 2 week. Section editors check the manuscript for content quality (with a focus on methodology, originality,statically and contribution to knowledge and practice) and use of English,for prohibit of plagiarism and improve language quality article will evaluate by iThenticate belonged to Cross check as CJMB is a member of cross check.
The decision at this stage is fast reject, revise and re-submit, or assign to external reviewers for detailed evaluation process. Selection of external reviewers is based on their scientific background and experience, previous works, authors’ suggestion, and expertise.
4- Every attempt is made at the CJMB to obtain at least 2-3 strong reviews on each manuscript.
5- Editor-in-Chief receives the reviewers’ comments and sends them along with decision letter to corresponding author.
CJMB adheres to a double-blind peer-review process that is rapid, fair, and ensures the high quality of published articles. CJMB reviewers are required to declare their conflict of interests and maintain the confidentiality about the manuscripts they review.
As CJMB is a rapid response journal, the review process takes between 2 to 5 months.
Managing editor receives the reviewers’ comments and sends them along with decision letter to corresponding author. Final decision on each manuscript will be made by the assigned editor of the manuscript. As CJMB is a rapid response journal, so this process takes not more than three weeks. Decision letter determines the status of manuscript in five ways:
1. Acceptance: The manuscript could be ePublished. This process lasts two weeks. Before ePublication, corresponding author could verify a proof copy of the paper. After ePublication, paper will be in a queue to be published in one of CJMB upcoming issues.
2. Minor revision: Authors will receive comments upon their manuscript, at which point the authors will be asked to submit a revised copy beside cover letter showing authors’ rejoinders, and also a marked copy utilizing Track Changes in Review menu of Microsoft Word Documents. Revised manuscript should be submitted in one month after decision letter. Unless, authors need to go through a re submission process.
3. Major revision: It means a chance to reorganize the manuscript to meet the required scientific criteria for another review process. Authors should pay more attention to reviewers’ comments and focus on their highlighted points. Editor may/may not request the authors to resubmit their revised manuscript beside cover letter and a marked copy. Revised manuscript should be submitted in one month after decision letter. Otherwise, authors need to go through a re submission process.
4. Rejection: In most cases, methodological and scientific concerns are the main origins of rejection. Causes of rejection will be sent to the authors to provide more chance for them for publication in other journals.
5. Withdraw: if the manuscript does not meet the scopes of CJMB , it will be withdrawn with suggestion to be sent to another journal.
Accepted manuscripts will be edited according to the CJMB Guide for Authors (this does not include language editing) and returned to the corresponding author for final approval. All contributing authors are responsible for all statements made in their manuscript during editing and production that are authorized by the corresponding author.
Requests for publishing corrections should be sent to the editorial office. Corrections will be reviewed by editors and are published immediately.
The corresponding author will receive an e-mail alert containing a link to a web site. A working e-mail address must therefore be provided for the corresponding author. The proof can be downloaded as a PDF (portable document format) file from this site. Acrobat Reader will be required in order to read this file. This software can be downloaded (free of charge) from the following web site:http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html. This will enable the file to be opened, read on screen and printed out in order for any corrections to be added. Further instructions will be sent with the proof. Authors will be charged for any major changes against the manuscript, and excessive changes may be disallowed. If a significant amount of new material is added, the paper may be re-reviewed by the Editors and re-dated. Second proofs will be sent only if justifiably requested by the author. Final proofs are read by the Editorial Office and – only in problematic cases - by the Editors.
Author Material Archive Policy :
Unless specifically requested, CJMB will dispose of all electronic material submitted four months after publication. If you require return of any material submitted, please inform the Editorial Office of CJMB or Production Editor on submission.
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